Tiffany Box Nails

Last week I had another great session with Aubrey where we did a set of Tiffany blue nails.  Tiffany boxes are a very specific shade of beautiful blue and I had a nail polish sitting around that was a very similar color.  For this design we used Nicolette and Moni by Julep.

Stamped Accent Nail

I used the mini bowknot stamping plate from BornPrettyStore to do some very light blue bows over the white accent nail and to do a large bow in the middle of the “box” nail.  Afterward I painted in the ribbons across the nail to make it look like the top of a Tiffany box.

Nail Bling

For the gemstones I have a mix of rhinestones from my personal collection along with some beautiful Swarovski crystals made specifically for nail art.  Aubrey is one of my favorite models for my work so she gets the good stuff!  The rhinestones are a mix from Sally Beauty, BornPrettyStore, and ShopMissA.  The crystals I’ve had for a while but you can purchase large amounts of them right from Amazon to get a discount. The benefit of working with Swarovski crystals is their durability.  They may be a more expensive investment up front, but they’re not destroyed when you remove them, even when you use acetone.  That means that with care you can reuse them over and over.

tiffany box nails

This week Aubrey is coming back to get a nail art design done for prom.  I can’t wait to show you some full crystal designs that I’m putting together for her beautiful midnight blue dress.

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