That Time I Injured Myself Bad Enough To Rethink My Life

So what had happened was… I told you guys nearly a year ago now that I started working as a waitress and truth be told, I’ve really been enjoying it.  It gets me out of the house and socializing which is hard to accomplish when your main profession is all done from home in front of your laptop with your pajamas on.

A couple weeks ago I was cutting lemons before opening the restaurant when I cut my finger down to the bone with a paring knife.  The lemon half slid forward and the knife went right in beside the nail.  Note: I’m not going to force photos of that on you guys. I put them on Snapchat but I’ll leave them off the blog.  I saw everything when the doctor pulled it back to clean the wound and stitch things up.  The numbing didn’t take and I felt the first stitch.  Then it still didn’t take all the way after another half a syringe and I sort of felt the second one.  Only the third stitch was painless after many many shots of lidocaine in my finger.

As much pain as I was in, as much blood as I had lost (I’m a bleeder), and as much as I wanted to pass out, my biggest concern was that the injury was going to affect this:


You see, the cut was into my middle finger on my left hand.  I do my best nail art on that hand and it’s the one that’s shown to display my work.  I was so fearful that I’d damaged the nail or that I’d cause some sort of horrible disfiguration to my hand.  The waitress job has always been a second job for extra money and to get me out.  My love and my passion, what I’m going to school for as my career, is my nail artistry.  I’ve risked that hobby-turned-career for my second job and it’s just not worth it.

Today I turned in a notice to the restaurant that I’d be switching to just one day a week at work instead of five.  This was something that had to happen at the beginning of March anyway for school, but I’m doing it a few weeks early for myself.  That’s going to have me serving food and not prepping it.  I like the job and I love the people I work with so I just can’t let it go completely.  I want to stay there until school is completely done, but do so safely.  I’m going to double down on what I love and let go of the need for extra money.  Some trade-offs just aren’t worth it.

Luckily, I’m healing just fine and more art should be up soon.

healing cut on finger

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