Née Jolie’s Ocean Girl Stamping Plate

I love my freehand nail art, but about a year ago I found nail stamping and I’ve been hooked since.  I bought 10 new Née Jolie stamping plates from Born Pretty Store a few weeks ago and I’ve slowly been making my way through them.  This week I’m using Ocean Girl (NJX-003) over Julep’s Ebony.

ocean girl stamping plate

The color underneath was already to die for, but with the white nautical stamping over it it was even better.

I love how precise this plate is.  The polish came out even with sharp edges and went on smoothly.  I love getting to pick and choose little sections of the plate to put on each nail and how they end up creating a unified theme no matter what part they’re taken from.

I’m really impressed with this brand and now I cannot wait to try the rest of the Née Jolie plates.

ocean girl nail art design

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