Née Jolie Japan Style Stamping Plate

I pulled out one of my Née Jolie stamping plates the day that I brought home  my new Glow the Extra Mile by OPI.  This polish is a champagne color that’s filled with tiny red microglitter that gives it a really unique glow.  All I could think is how gorgeous that champagne shimmery polish would look with a bold red and white.  It did not disappoint!

japan inspired nail design

I went with some of the most simple designs on the plate for the first time using it: a tea cup, tea pot, and a flower.  There are a lot of little characters, but I think I’m going to create a full decal with them since there’s so much potential for using a lot of colors in them.  I stamped the designs using White Stamping Polish by Konad and filled in some details with Having A Big Head Day by OPI (part of their Alice Through the Looking Glass collection).

When it comes to nail stamping, I still consider myself somewhere in the middle skill level.  I can admit to struggling to pick up the entire design the first couple times.  With the teapot, next time I will use a bit of topcoat to fill in the space between the lid and handle before putting it on the nail.  That way it can hold the shape a little better and prevent it from stretching as much as it did without anything there to stabilize it.

japan stamping plate

This is the third Née Jolie plate that I’ve tried so far after buying every one of them Born Pretty Store carried and I’ve liked all of them so far.  It’s an addiction that’s paying off!  I love the little sushi shapes the most and I’ve ordered some special stamping polishes just to work with them as well as some polymer clay to craft some 3d sushi charms.

I can’t wait to show you guys the decals I make with the rest of this plate!  If you don’t want to miss them, make sure to follow my nail art board on Pinterest.

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