Military Charities

military charities I support

One of the most fulfilling things I do in my spare time is support military charities. Here are some that I’m currently supporting and how you can get involved!

osd header

Operation Supply Drop

As a gamer, this is a charity close to my heart. OSD focuses on making fun where there is none.For that, they drop entertainment supplies to service members include lots of video games. These special drops can go to:

  • Deployed Service Members
  • Military Hospitals or Hospitals that provide care to veterans and their families
  • Military Installation Warrior Transition Battalions
  • Morale, Welfare and Recreation Centers
  • Family Days
  • Christmas Parties
  • Airport Lounge Facilities
  • Getting involved is easy. Fundraising can be done with a local team, through their website, or as a part of 8-bit salute. You can also donate your old games. If you know someone who could use a drop, you can reach out to request one.


    Any Soldier

    This was the charity that I got involved in shortly after my best friend became a Marine and it’s the easiest one to work with. Any Solider contacts make requests for their team and we put together care packages to support them. The requests are usually simple and it feels great to ship the boxes out to deployed service members. They also now have a website for each branch of the military if you want to support a specific one. (I still have a soft spot for Marines.)

    cup of joe for a joe

    Cup of Joe for a Joe

    I do so love my morning coffee. Don’t you? This is a great little campaign done by Green Beans Coffee that lets you do the simple kindness of buying a cup of coffee for a deployed service member. It’s one of the simplest and cheapest way to make someone’s day. The coffee is served to them at a local shop (in many convenient locations overseas) along with your letter.