January 2017 Nail Color of the Month

New year, new… NAILS!  I went through about ten different champagne themed nail colors before finally deciding that January’s nail color wouldn’t be inspired by New Year’s Eve glamour.  Every Winter I loved sitting near the fireplace with the big windows showing my back yard covered in glittery powder, so it’s all about the beauty of the sky this time of year when there’s nothing but snow and silence.  Meet Eunice.


Eunice is part of Julep’s Bombshell collection.  I know I said I’d stop using so many Julep polishes and all of the champagne options were OPI, but here we are.  It’s a perfect color for what I was looking for.  Compared to its photo on their website Eunice has less purple tones, a lot more shimmer, and a little bit of metallic showing through in the way it streaks a bit with the brush strokes.  The end result is gorgeous and I think this nail polish has a lot of dimension.


If you have suggestions for February’s Nail Color of the month or have a blue nail polish you absolutely love, tell me about them in the comments below!

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