Harunouta Robot Stamping Plate

I won’t lie. I bought this robot stamping plate for the large beautiful collection of gears, springs, and clock faces along one side of it.  Because it was too much to turn down, I decided to break in this new plate with a full clockwork manicure using Julep’s Kerry over OPI’s CIA=Color Is Awesome.


I used several other polishes while I was experimenting with this one and four of them failed to work in the clock face sections of the plate.  For the tiny details in the plate you need either a very opaque polish or a traditional stamping polish.  Otherwise the details tended to come out a bit distorted or missing all together.


I have gold colored stamping polish on the way to try the circuit board part of the plate.  I don’t think that any of the ones I have could really do the trick for the small details.  I’ve used the plate several times since the first attempt and I’ve managed to get clean pictures about three fourths of the time.  I think it’s a great addition to my collection and I plan to keep using it in the future.

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